New BFF Alert: Selena Gomez And Lily Collins

March 30, 2014 • By

Selena Gomez Lily Collins

Too cute! Selena Gomez looks like she is totally besties with actress Lily Collins now! The pair posed for the adorable photos below together, and they look adorable! Selena posed along with the pictures:

Lily + Selena = friends forever #proudfran #myidol

Selena Gomez Lily Collins BFFs

Selena Gomez Lily Collins Friends

It’s unclear if Lily has spoken with her ex-boyfriend Zac Efron after his recent fight in Los Angeles, California. We know she was there for Zac when he was going to rehab, but do you think she is being supportive now as well? Take our poll to let us know!

Selena has been hard at work on a secret project. What do you think it is?