Zac Efron’s Friends Are Afraid To Question His Sobriety

March 30, 2014 • By

Zac Efron Friends Afraid

According to TMZ, Zac Efron’s friends believe he is heading down a destructive path even after 2 trips to rehab. His friends are convinced that his recent midnight fight in Los Angeles had something to do with drugs rather than just his car running out of gas and him trying to save his bodyguard from being beaten up by homeless individuals.

However, even though Zac’s friends are afraid for him they are also afraid to question his sobriety. Zac’s friends reportedly want to be around him in case he needs them, and they believe that if they question his sobriety he will ditch them and never speak to them again.

Zac’s friends say he doesn’t think there is anything wrong…

Do YOU think Zac is heading down a bad path? Or do you think he’s doing great?