Celebrities Share Their Favorite April Fool’s Day Pranks!

March 31, 2014 • By

Lucy Hale April Fools Day

Tomorrow is April Fool’s Day! A bunch of celebrities will be playing pranks, but they won’t spill what they are!

We do know some of the pranks they played in the past though! Check it out:

Cody Simpson April Fools Day

Just last year Cody Simpson pranked his fans by Tweeting:

I’ve actually got a serious announcement to make..I’ve been thinking a lot lately and talking to my to swim coach..& I’ve had some serious talks with the Olympic swim coach & he’s asked that because of my potential, I give it a shot back at swim training. No joke Im probably gonna be quitting music for a while & competitive swimming instead, its always been a dream of mine to make the Olympics.

Two years ago Lucy Hale tried to convince her mom she had gotten a tattoo!

Lucy Hale April Fools Text

And we can’t forget the time that Justin Bieber pranked his fans by sending Kenny Hamilton on stage on April Fool’s Day! Don’t worry though, Justin came back out after!