Jennette McCurdy And Ariana Grande’s Ended Friendship, What Went Wrong?

March 31, 2014 • By

Jennette McCurdy Ariana Grande Fighting

Jennette McCurdy and Ariana Grande are fighting, and many fans are trying to figure out what went wrong! Jennette has unfollowed Ariana on Twitter and revealed that she is upset with the way Nickelodeon has handled her career and treated her this past year.

However, earlier this month Jennette told EntertainmentWise about her relationship with Ariana:

For us, if we’re on set we’ll rehearse and then we’ll go and have lunch together. Then we go back to work and if we’re exhausted then we just go straight home but if we’re just hanging out for fun, I’ll usually just go over to Ariana’s house and we’ll watch movies, pick outfits out for each other and plan what we’re each going to wear…

What do you think happened between these two? They loved working together on the set of “Sam & Cat,” but now they don’t hang out anymore… Do you think it was all an act and the pair were never friends? Take our poll and stay tuned as this story develops further!