Jennette McCurdy Thinks “Frozen” Is The Highest Grossing Animated Movie Ever Because Of Her

March 31, 2014 • By

Frozen 1 Billion

Disney’s “Frozen” just became the highest grossing animated movie of all time! The movie has brought in $1.072 billion worldwide and this marks the first Walt Disney Animation Studios movie to hit the $1 billion mark!

Actress and singer Jennette McCurdy is convinced that Disney’s “Frozen” is the highest grossing animated movie in large part due to the tickets she purchased to see the movie at the theater! She Tweeted this funny note to her fans:

Frozen is now the highest grossing animated film ever, largely in part to tickets sold to me.

Watch Jennette and her friend Colton Tran cover the “Frozen” song “Love Is An Open Door” below!

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