Justin Bieber Hated His Calabasas Mansion For A Year Before He Sold It

March 31, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Hated His California Home

It turns out Justin Bieber absolutely hated his Calabasas mansion for an entire year before he sold it! Justin’s deal with Khloe Kardashian just closed – with Justin selling his mansion inside the gated Calabasas community for $7.2 million.

Back in March 2013 it was revealed that Justin regretted purchasing the home that year. He paid $6 million for it, and thought it was the right move for him, until he realized his neighbors couldn’t stand him!

Justin Bieber Calabasas Home

Sources revealed that Justin couldn’t stand the fact that his neighbors were upset with every little thing he did, and he felt like he was always watched.

It’s surprising that Justin stuck it out for a year in the home before selling it and moving to Atlanta, Georgia where he feels more accepted by his neighbors. However, we’re sure his bank account is glad he did since the house skyrocketed in price since he purchased it!

Fingers crossed that Justin is happier where he is now!