Bella Thorne Shares New Song Lyrics

April 1, 2014 • By

Bella Thorne Album Lyrics

Bella Thorne decided to share some new song lyrics with her fans today! Bella’s debut album is arriving in stores and online sometime this summer from Hollywood Records.

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“You are boy that likes to play games, drives girls so insane, they only want you to say their name but you don’t work that way

I should’ve told you right from the start that she won’t fall apart

Bella Thorne CD Lyrics

They all stare at her wondering who made her feel that way…no one but you

You are not here right now so I guess the jokes on me

I won’t tell them a thing..they don’t have a clue about me and you

Don’t you know that I’m not another typical girl….


Bella also teased her “Autumn Falls” book release!