Taylor Swift Tells Selena Gomez That Their Friendship Will Never Be The Same

April 1, 2014 • By

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Friendship

This is so sad! A source has revealed to Radar Online that Taylor Swift warned Selena Gomez that their friendship wouldn’t ever be the same again if she got back together with Justin Bieber this last time…

Selena Gomez Taylor Swift BFF

The source spilled:

Taylor loves Selena and they get along super well, but it’s hard for her to watch her best friend keep going back to Justin when she knows it’s the worst thing for her. She feels like maybe Selena needs tough love. She thinks Justin is disgusting and has basically told Selena she can’t support their relationship and if she gets back with him their friendship will probably never be the same.

Who would YOU rather Selena have a relationship with?