Jennette McCurdy Upset With Nickelodeon Because Ariana Grande Makes More Money Than Her

April 2, 2014 • By

Jennette McCurdy Mad At Nickelodeon

Woah! Turns out Jennette McCurdy’s giant fight with Nickelodeon is over the fact that Ariana Grande makes WAY more money than her!

Jennette and Ariana both co-star on the Nickelodeon show “Sam & Cat,” which is currently Nickelodeon’s most-watched live-action series. But Jennette isn’t making nearly as much money as Ariana is on the show.

Ariana Grande Makes More Money Than Jennette McCurdy

Jennette has been trying to renegotiate her contract with the company, but they haven’t budged, and she’s mad! Jennette told fans:

A lot of you guys are asking why I didn’t attend the KCAs…. I wish I could explain everything as thoroughly as I would like to, but unfortunately a simpler explanation is all I can write. I was put in an uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me. I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing. I want to thank those of you who have reached out with kind words of support, McCurdians and Arianators alike. No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first. If you have done that, thank you.

According to reports “Sam & Cat” is on a hiatus as Jennette doesn’t want to work on any new episodes until her contract is changed. What do you think about all of this…