Ariana Grande’s Brother Hits Back At Drake Bell

April 3, 2014 • By

Frankie Grande Ariana Grande Drake Bell

Drake Bell wasn’t super sweet to Ariana Grande during a recent interview, revealing that he doesn’t believe she has worked for all of her success. After the interview Drake took to Twitter to post videos of Ariana singing along with posting:

Ariana Grande – Impersonating Some of Her Favorite Artists With Love this is rad!

Ariana Grande da** if only I could sing half this good!!

Here’s how Ariana’s older brother Frankie Grande responded:

Trolls be saying bullsh** about my sister and then trying to make up for it… Bit** please. We see right thru you.

I’ve never met anyone who works harder then my sister. She deserves & has earned every bit of success she has. Ariana is an inspiration.