Justin Bieber Denied Entrance To Miami Nightclubs

April 7, 2014 • By Home

Justin Bieber Miami Clubs

Justin Bieber was denied entrance to a number of nightclubs in Miami, Florida over the weekend. Justin’s team called ahead to reserve tables at the clubs, however they were told that since Justin is underage he could not show up at the clubs.

Justin’s team reportedly promised to spend a lot of money at each location, but the clubs didn’t care as they don’t want to get in trouble for letting someone underage through their doors.

Justin Bieber Clubs Miami

The clubs are also worried that they could get in trouble if Justin gets arrested for another DUI after leaving their location, just like the last time he was arrested in Miami.

TMZ has reported that the nightclubs told Justin’s team that if he performed at their locations he could be allowed in, since performers don’t have to be 21+ to gain access to the clubs, however Justin refused.

Plus, have you seen Justin’s new neck tattoo?

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