Austin Mahone’s Family Warns Him To Stay Away From Justin Bieber

April 9, 2014 • By

Austin Mahone Justin Bieber Studio

Uh oh! Fans might be super excited about Austin Mahone hitting the recording studio with Justin Bieber, but Austin’s family is NOT happy about it!

A source opened up to Star magazine about the collaboration between the two pop sensations:

Austin’s family have begged him to stay away from Justin because they think it will tarnish his ‘good boy’ image. They fear he’ll head down the same destructive path. Austin idolizes Justin and, quite frankly, it scares the crap out of his loved ones. They tell him that he’s got his whole life and a lucrative career ahead of him, and hanging with Justin will only take him down a bad path. But, Austin’s made it clear that he’s now 18 and can do what he wants.

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Austin Mahone Justin Bieber