13-Year-Old Ross Lynch Disney Channel Audition Tape

April 10, 2014 • By

Ross Lynch Disney Channel Audition

18-year-old Disney star Ross Lynch auditioned for the Disney Channel back when the Jonas Brothers were a serious thing! Below you can watch 13-year-old Ross audition for the network, and it’s SO cute!

In the audition tape Ross talks about the Jonas Brothers being on tour, and all of their screaming fans. He calls his own fans “surfers” and talks about Disney’s past film “A Christmas Carol.”

This is a fabulous video, and after watching it it’s no surprise to us why Disney hired Ross for “Teen Beach Movie” and the hit Disney Channel Original Series “Austin & Ally.”

Now if only Disney would announce a fourth season of “Austin & Ally”! Take our poll to let us know if your fingers are crossed for another season of the show!

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