Miley Cyrus Is Growing Her Hair Out This Year

April 10, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Growing Out Her Hair

Miley Cyrus revealed in the past that she had so many copycats with her hairstyle that she was planning to grow it out, but she didn’t do it immediately, and now we know why!

Turns out Miley had to wait for the sides of her head to grow out first! Miley had shaved both sides of her head, and if she let her hair grow out a few months back it would have been much shorter underneath than on the outer layers!

However, in a new photo Miley shared it sure looks like she has grown out the underneath portion of her hair. Looks like Miley will be growing all of her hair out this year!

Are you excited for Miley’s new look?

Miley Cyrus Growing Her Hair Out