Scooter Braun Prepping The Wanted For Their Solo Careers?

April 12, 2014 • By

Scooter Braun The Wanted

The Wanted might currently still be together on their Word Of Mouth concert tour, but as soon as the tour wraps up the guys are going their separate ways. Before the tour even started, The Wanted members revealed that they would be taking a break as a band to concentrate on some solo projects for a while.

Rumor has it the guys aren’t able to get along anymore the way they first did when they came together as a group. We bet their manager Scooter Braun is hoping that some time apart will end up bringing them closer together in the future.

Scooter Braun The Wanted Members

Scooter met with the members of The Wanted this week, and we have a feeling he was prepping them for their solo careers. We bet that Scooter will continue to manage the members of the group even when the group has split, and we bet his meeting with the guys was to see who wanted to go in what direction.

We bet some members of the group want to have solo singing careers, and we also have a feeling we will be seeing some members of the group on TV or in movies! We can’t wait to see what the future holds for the members of The Wanted!

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