Cody Simpson Has Mixed Feelings About Being Voted Off “Dancing With The Stars”

April 15, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson DWTS

Cody Simpson revealed that he has mixed feelings about being voted off of ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars.” Cody told E! News:

I’m sad…mixed feelings. It’s kind of like, one amazing experience is over, Witney and I are kind of sad about it, but at the same time, I can just get back to what I do…start working on the new album and move on to the next phase of my career.

Cody also spilled that he and his dance partner Witney Carson didn’t think they would be eliminated on April 14, 2014:

Honestly we had no clue. Witney and I were like, ‘We’ll be fine, we’re going to be safe. It’s all good.’ It just goes to show you, you should never get too comfortable.

Watch Cody’s final performance on “Dancing With The Stars” below!