Bette Midler Lashed Out At Miley Cyrus On Twitter

April 18, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Hospital Bed Selfie

Bette Midler isn’t loving Miley Cyrus‘ attitude lately! Miley just hit the hospital this week after a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. It’s unclear when Miley will be released from the hospital, and the former Disney star released the following statement from her hospital bed:

So many ignorant stories out there no one is reading the official statement and these dumb a**es are scaring my fans. Please read official. shut the f**k up & let me heal. stop scaring my family, friends, & fans. OFFICIAL STATEMENT

And here’s the official statement from Miley’s rep:

Miley was suffering from a sinus infection during her tour in N.C. a week ago. She was prescribed the antibiotic cephalexin, which she has now suffered an extreme allergic reaction to. This type of extreme reaction can last from 5 to 27 days in these types of cases. She will remain hospitalized and is under a doctor’s care until we see some improvement and is asking for your compassion and privacy at this time. Miley is devastated about missing shows and possibly disappointing her fans.

Miley Cyrus Hospital Selfie

Bette thinks it’s funny that Miley has asked for privacy, but she is the first person not to give herself privacy! Bette Tweeted:

Miley Cyrus demanded privacy during her illness shortly after posting selfies from her hospital bed. The irony came in like a wrecking ball!

Do YOU think Miley should ask for privacy if she’s busy sending out photos from the hospital?