Frankie Grande Laughs About Justin Bieber Crashing Drake Bell’s Album Release Party

April 18, 2014 • By

Frankie Grande Justin Bieber

Ariana Grande’s brother Frankie Grande is loving the fact that Justin Bieber crashed Drake Bell’s album release party at The Grove last night. Justin pulled up outside of the party and gathered a bunch of fans around his fan to have them start chanting his name loud enough for Drake to hear!

Drake was celebrating the April 22nd release of his “Ready Steady Go” album, and he saw what Justin did – however he has not commented on it.

Drake has been rude to Justin numerous times in the past, and he has also been rude to Ariana Grande. So, it’s no wonder that Justin’s biggest fan and Ariana’s brother Frankie Grande thought what Justin did was hilarious!

Frankie Tweeted:

Ugh. I wish I could have been at the Drake Bell release party so I could have left to see Justin…

Not sure how I could possibly love Justin more then I do right now.

Frankie Grande Justin Bieber Drake Bell

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