Drake Bell Claims There Is No Drama Between He And Justin Bieber

April 19, 2014 • By

Drake Bell Album Party Crashed

Drake Bell spoke with Fox 11 News about Justin Bieber crashing his “Ready Steady Go” album party. The party was held at The Grove this week, and Justin brought his giant van, and parked it outside of the venue hosting the party.

Justin gathered his fans around to chant his name, and he took to Twitter and Instagram afterwards to thank his Beliebers for being so supportive.

Drake Bell Justin Bieber Party

Drake believes that Justin tried to physically get into the party, but claims that the venue enacted a 21 and over policy that night and Justin was turned away. Drake also claims there are no hard feelings between he and Justin:

I don’t think there is anything going on between us. I think I’ve joined with most celebrities and have said a couple of opinions on there [Twitter]. I don’t think the Beliebers have liked it very much

Drake also added:

There’s no war. There’s no real beef or anything like that.

We’re not believing it. What about YOU?