Debby Ryan Opens Up Big Time About Her Debut Album “One”

April 20, 2014 • By

Debby Ryan One Album

Debby Ryan opened up big time about her debut album “One” on Twitter last night. Here’s what she told her fans:

“Guys, I’m awake tonight listening to my song about insomnia. Ironically.

I know I tell you guys a lot of secrets,
but can I tell you guys THE one big secret?
About this song
and the whole album
and why

I moved around a lot. I felt alone a lot. and scared. And weird. I dreamt too big for such a little girl, in such a big world.

I wrote sometimes because I had a notebook and nobody else.
I wrote until I didn’t need anybody else.

And then, when it was just me and my stories, I learned that sometimes people could want to hear those stories.
To understand the stories.

I learned that the most important thing is not when someone understands your stories. It’s when your stories make people feel understood.

I stumbled across talented, lovely people that felt understood by my stories, and needed to help tell them.

So we became @TheNever_Ending.

And right now? This thing that was born out of feeling so alone means something to people.
I don’t feel alone in caring about this anymore.

Doing this album independently is not easy,
but it also means that
I get to share
whatever I want

whenever I want

with whomever I want

In the middle of the night in this hotel room,
I’m posting lyrics from my insomnia song, ‘Waltz (When The Dark Falls)’ on the band account.

It’s one of the first and truest songs I’ve ever written.

Let me know if it understands you like it understands me…

‘I don’t think I know
How to rest in the mellow and slow
I just make my bed
On the storm inside my head
Hours and hours in the day
And the rest I spend awake;
Hours and hours in the night
It’s the rest I try to fight.’

So that’s that. #One624 is for us.
I’m going to try & sleep now, lol
And hey, you should tell your stories. I’m learning that it’s worth it.”

We are beyond ready for Debby’s debut album “One” to arrive on June 24, 2014!