Drake Bell Continues To Slam Justin Bieber On Twitter

April 20, 2014 • By

Drake Bell Jeremy Bieber

And it continues. Drake Bell, who claims there is no beef between he and Justin Bieber, took to Twitter yet again with some negative allegations about Justin and his dad Jeremy Bieber.

Justin Bieber Drake Bell

Just after Justin Tweeted:

I love you pops @jeremybieber. You’re a great father and my best friend.

And Justin’s dad responded:

@justinbieber ty. I am a better man because of you. #love #family.

Drake Tweeted:

@justinbieber @JeremyBieber um…

Along with his Tweet, Drake posted a screenshot of a media story about Justin’s dad kicking a teenage girl in the mouth in 2012. It’s being reported that the girl’s jaw was broken and she had to eat with a straw for weeks.

The woman never filed charges and Jeremy was never charged for the incident.

Drake has since deleted the note, and Justin’s fans are really upset. Team Justin or Team Drake?