Zendaya Coleman Finally Bitten By The Hollywood Bug

April 20, 2014 • By

Zendaya Coleman Hollywood

We have to admit, Zendaya Coleman fought against Hollywood for longer than most stars, but it seems Hollywood has yet again won! Zendaya is all about being true to herself still, for sure, but it sounds like her desire to be a performer just for the craft itself has been pushed aside a bit to make room for something stars seem to care so much about – awards and recognition!

Zendaya Coleman Movie Awards

Zendaya held a fun live chat with her fans last week, and one fan asked the Disney star where she planned to take her career in the future. Check out Zendaya’s telling answer below:

I want to venture into feature films eventually…win some awards!!

And so it begins!

We’re excited to see where Zendaya’s career takes her, and our fingers are crossed she continues being the humble role model she has promised to be from the start!