Is Selena Gomez On Her Way To Tokyo, Japan To See Justin Bieber?

April 21, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Japan

Justin Bieber headed to Tokyo, Japan last week with his family. Justin alerted his fans that he is there on vacation, however he is still thinking about all of the music he wants to work on when he returns home.

Selena Gomez stayed in California to spend Easter with her family, but we’re wondering if she is currently on her way to Tokyo, Japan.

Selena Gomez Japan

No word yet if Selena has been spotted making her way to the airport, but it wouldn’t surprise us if Justin ordered a private jet for his on-again girlfriend so she could travel to him in secret.

Selena and Justin haven’t gone very long without seeing each other since they got back together, so if she doesn’t take a trip out to Japan soon he should be returning in the next couple of days to see her.

Unless of course they split again…