Does Miley Cyrus’ Media Silence Mean She’s Detoxing?

April 24, 2014 • By

Miley Cyrus Detox Program

Miley Cyrus was in the hospital for a week after a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics. Miley’s reaction was so bad that the rest of her Bangerz tour needed to be postponed until the summer.

Some sources close to Miley told the press that they thought taking a break was best for the former Disney star since she was partying too hard after all of her concerts. Miley revealed numerous times during her tour that she woke up with a hangover, and she spoke about drugs quite a bit.

In fact, Miley was upset that she couldn’t smoke while in the hospital.

Miley Cyrus Detoxing

Miley stayed in the hospital for one week, and then she was moved to an undisclosed location. It was confirmed that Miley was still receiving treatment though, and we’re wondering if this treatment is part of a planned detox by her team.

Sources have claimed that Miley’s managers and friends have been asking her for a while to take it back a notch when it comes to partying and smoking, and we’re wondering if she has finally listened.

Miley has been media silent since April 22, 2014. Any chance she is going through a detox program in another hospital, treatment center or at home? Or do you think she’s just busy trying to get better? Take our poll!