Disney Channel “Teen Beach Movie 2″ Confirmed – Plot Details!

April 27, 2014 • By

Ross Lynch Maia Mitchell Teen Beach Movie 2

The Disney Channel just confirmed that a “Teen Beach Movie 2” is on the way! It sounds like the sequel movie will arrive on the Disney Channel in Summer 2015.

Ross Lynch, Maia Mitchell, and their “Teen Beach Movie” co-stars will begin production on the sequel movie in July.

Teen Beach Movie 2 Sequel Movie

So what will the plot of “Teen Beach Movie 2″ be? Well, it sounds like it will be set in present day – the time period that Ross and Maia came from before traveling into the “Wet Side Story” movie. The “Wet Side Story” characters washed up into the real world and a modern day surfer gave them his cell phone to use at the end of “Teen Beach Movie.”

We can’t wait to see how the “Wet Side Story” stars deal with the world outside of their movie in “Teen Beach Movie 2.”