Elle Fanning Opens Up About Playing Aurora In Disney’s “Maleficent”

April 30, 2014 • By

Elle Fanning Sleeping Beauty

Actress Elle Fanning plays Aurora, Sleeping Beauty, in Disney’s “Maleficent” movie. She opened up during an interview with Yahoo about how much she loved playing the Disney Princess:

It was very exciting. Also I felt that hers is a type of beauty that is a natural beauty; she is not making herself up, she’s not doing her hair or putting lipstick on. She lives out in a cottage with her three aunties who take care of her; they make her dresses so she has her own clothes, her hair is down other than maybe she puts some flowers in it. And yeah, during the filming I wore a wig but it wasn’t much make up. It very natural and so I liked that I was kind of representing natural beauty instead of an all done up kind of beauty.

Elle added:

I do identify with her. I guess a lot in some ways but in other ways I don’t at all. There’s one scene where she is probably the most pure and innocent princess just because she is trapped away and when she meets the prince for the first time she has never seen a male before in her life because she is so cut off. I think her curiosity comes through. I have always wanted to learn things and I try to find everything I can and absorb all I can and in that way we are alike. She wants to learn about everything.

“Maleficent” opens in theaters on May 30, 2014!