Naya Rivera Opens Up About The Rumors That She Was Fired From “Glee”

May 2, 2014 • By

Naya Rivera Rumors

A bunch of rumors about Naya Rivera have surfaced this week. Some of the rumors say she was pulled from the “Glee” season finale, others say she was fired from “Glee” entirely.

There is also a rumor going around that Naya was dropped by her record label, however her rep says that is NOT the case!

Naya herself took to Twitter to comment on all of the rumors, Tweeting:

To the best fans in the world, thank you for all the <3! Don't ever let the he say she say get you down. Whether it's in school, home, or all over the Internet lol. Hold your head high, stay true to yourself, and know you are loved! Xo

Naya has yet to reveal if any of the rumors are true. Stay tuned!

Naya Rivera Fired