Selena Gomez And Katy Perry Planning A Collaboration?

May 3, 2014 • By

Selena Gomez Katy Perry Song

Selena Gomez is reportedly back in the studio working on a new CD. While Selena had told fans that her “Stars Dance” album would be her final CD since she wanted to concentrate on her acting career her management team has changed her mind.

Selena hired the same manager as Katy Perry, and her new team has suggested that it would be best for her to record another CD now rather than act in front of the camera. Selena has taken the advice to heart, and she has been recording new music recently.

It looks like Selena could be hitting the studio with Katy Perry soon as well! Selena and Katy have the same management team, and she has room on her next album for collaboration tracks. Selena and Katy have hung out in the past, and we bet having Katy on her album would be great for Selena’s music career!

Do YOU want to hear a song from Katy and Selena? Or are you NOT looking forward to that?