Justin Bieber Trying To Hurt Selena Gomez By Hanging Out With Kendall And Kylie Jenner

May 4, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Las Vegas Fight

Not only was Justin Bieber just in New York City with Kendall Jenner, now he was hanging out with Kylie Jenner in Las Vegas – and he took a photo to show it off!

Justin and Kendall went out to dinner in NYC AND visited a recording studio together. Justin and Kylie attended a Las Vegas fight.

Justin Bieber Kylie Jenner Las Vegas

Justin knows very well that his on and off girlfriend Selena Gomez got into an argument over the Jenner sisters hanging out and “flirting” with him. And now it looks like he is intentionally hurting Selena for the world to see.

This doesn’t make Justin look like the most mature individual. Plus, it makes the Jenner sisters look a bit conniving as well!

Have to ask – team Justin or team Selena?

P.S. Selena seems to be trying to hurt Justin as well…read more here!