Cody Simpson Hinted At His Breakup From Gigi Hadid Before The News Broke

May 5, 2014 • By

Cody Simpson Hints At Gigi Hadid Breakup

We should have seen it coming! Cody Simpson hinted to the fact that he and girlfriend Gigi Hadid had split up, but we thought he was emotional since he was so in love! Cody Tweeted the following note before the press got word that he and his girlfriend had split up:

I’m so romantically emotional sometimes. Gets to me. Has been making for some very beautiful music recently though.

Cody Simpson Gigi Hadid Breakup

We’re so bummed these two have split up. Here’s a note from Cody’s rep:

They decided that rather than let things sour that they split up in hopes that their lives might someday bring them back together. They remain close friends and will continue to show their support for one and other.

Maybe they will get back together when they both aren’t so busy!