Photo Of Willow Smith And Moises Arias In Bed Surfaces And Concerns Fans

May 6, 2014 • By

Willow Smith Moises Arias In Bed

A picture has hit the web of Willow Smith, the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Smith, laying in a bed with “Hannah Montana” actor Mosies Arias. Willow (13) is laying down on the bed while Mosies (20) is sitting behind her with his shirt off.

The pair spend a lot of time together, they recently hung out at Coachella, and fans are a bit concerned that the pair are allowed to hang out in a bedroom together.

We’re sure Willow and Moises are just friends, but many fans’ fingers are crossed that the pair steers clear of photos like this in the future!

Update: Willow’s parents aren’t worried about the picture! Read more here.

Willow Smith Moises Arias