Zac Efron Feels “Really Blessed” In His Life Right Now

May 7, 2014 • By

Zac Efron The Today Show

Zac Efron was on The Today Show recently, and he opened up about spilling about rehab and joining AA in The Hollywood Reporter. Zac told the reporters:

It was a weight off my chest I think. It was great. It was a rough year, and, it’s kind of funny, Neighbors is such a great icing on the cake for all of this. I was able to kind of channel all of that and put it back into this movie, and I feel great, really blessed to be here working with this group of guys, and I don’t know it couldn’t be better right now. I’m really excited.

We’re glad Zac is doing well now!

Also, be sure to check out Zac’s movie “That Awkward Moment” on iTunes!

And watch Zac on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” here.

Zac Efron The Hollywood Reporter