Ed Sheeran “All Of The Stars” Music Video From “The Fault In Our Stars”

May 10, 2014 • By

The Fault In Our Stars All Of The Stars Music Video

Ed Sheeran recorded a song called “All Of the Stars” for the new movie “The Fault In Our Stars.” Below you can watch Ed’s “All Of The Stars” music video featuring clips from “The Fault In Our Stars” film.

The Fault In Our Stars” will arrive in theaters on June 6, 2014. Also be sure to tune in for a live streaming event from “The Fault In Our Stars” cast along with a bunch of artists on May 14, 2014. Here are the details:

“Tune in for a special live stream from Ed, Grouplove, Charli XCX, John Green & The Fault In Our Stars cast

May 14th at 6 PM PST/ 9 PM EST – http://thefaultinourstarsmovie.com”