Justin Bieber’s Super Top Secret Project

May 10, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Secret Project

Justin Bieber has been working on something top secret for a while. Many fans believed he was working on his rap album, set to release under his nickname Bizzle, but we’re wondering now if he’s up to something totally different.

Justin just told his fans:

Been working on some incredible stuff and will share with you soon. No one sees this coming.

So, it’s not his rap album then…

Some other options could be that Justin is releasing an album that spans numerous genres of music. He has worked with an eclectic group of artists in the studio this year – ranging from Lil Wayne to Austin Mahone, Selena Gomez and Madison Beer.

He could also be putting together another tour.

Or, he could be doing something entirely different, like working on movie or short film.

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