Taylor Swift “22″ Music Video Parody “23″

May 10, 2014 • By

Taylor Swift 22 Parody Video 23

Taylor Swift’s song “22″ is super popular, but what happens when you turn “23″? Watch the parody video below to find out!

Here’s what was shared along with the video:

“Taylor Swift sings about having endless amounts of fun when you’re 22. But what happens when you turn 23?

Music by Taylor Swift
Lyrics by Lauren Masterson @laurenmasterson
Vocals by Tara Dyevoich & Brooke Girard
Tara Dyevoich
Brooke Girard
Deena Rehim
Brielle Fewer
Blake Lombardi
Brian Masterson
Edited, Directed, & Produced by Lauren Masterson”

Love this!