Rebel Wilson Dedicates “Pitch Perfect 2″ Opening Routine To Zac Efron

May 11, 2014 • By

Zac Efron Rebel Wilson Pitch Perfect 2

Aww! Rebel Wilson and Zac Efron have been friends for a while, and Rebel just shared some sweet news with Zac about her movie “Pitch Perfect 2.” Rebel is currently on the set of the film in Louisiana, and she told Zac:

@ZacEfron just know, the opening routine in PP2 is dedicated to you x you are the fave topic of conversation this week in our green room x

We can’t wait to see which songs are used in the “Pitch Perfect 2″ opening number! Do you have any guesses?

Fingers crossed Zac appears for a cameo in “Pitch Perfect 2″!

Pitch Perfect 2 Set