Eric Stonestreet Gets Super Scared On “The Ellen Show”

May 12, 2014 • By

Eric Stonestreet The Ellen Show

Love it! Eric Stonestreet has now been scared twice by Ellen DeGeneres!

The “Modern Family” actor was on “The Ellen Show” this week, and he spoke about the last time Ellen scared him on the show, and he was totally ready for Ellen to scare him again – sort of!

Here’s what was posted along with the funny interview video below:

The last time he was here, Ellen got him good. This time, he was ready for it… but she still got him!

Plus, get ready for the new “Modern Family” episode this week where Eric and Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s characters get married! The episode is titled “The Wedding (Part 1)” and next week you can tune in for “The Wedding (Part 2).”