“Frozen” Character Queen Elsa Appears On ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”

May 12, 2014 • By

Queen Elsa Once Upon A Time ABC Frozen

Looks like the next season of “Once Upon A Time” is going to be a must-watch! The ABC series teased “Frozen” characters arriving on the show in a brief scene, which you can watch below.

Turns out Queen Elsa from “Frozen” has arrived, but she has yet to meet any of the other “Once Upon A Time” characters. Looks like that will happen when the show returns from it’s break.

No word yet who will play Queen Elsa when the series returns. Who do YOU want to see in the role? Should Idina Menzel play the part? She recently revealed that she would love to play Elsa in a Broadway version of “Frozen” as well!