Bella Thorne Made Tristan Klier Wait 6 Weeks Before She Kissed Him

May 13, 2014 • By

Bella Thorne Tristan Klier Kiss

Bella Thorne opened up about her relationship with Tristan Klier in the new issue of Seventeen Magazine. Turns out Bella wanted to make sure Tristan was really into them being a couple before she kissed him!

Bella spilled:

Tristan was not a relationship guy before me. On our first date, he thought I was going to be just like the other girls he had met who would always give it up and kiss him right away. I waited six weeks—I had to make sure he was in it to win it.

Aww, Bella and Tristan are the most adorable couple!

Plus, check out Bella’s Seventeen Magazine cover below!

Bella Thorne Seventeen Magazine Cover