Justin Bieber Being Investigated For Attempted Robbery

May 14, 2014 • By

Justin Bieber Mini Golf Altercation

Justin Bieber is being investigated for attempted robbery. He was recently at a mini golf and batting cage complex when he got into an altercation with a group of guys.

As Justin’s entourage joined in in the altercation a woman took out her phone to photograph and film the fight. Justin noticed the woman and that’s when things went from bad to worse.

Justin demanded to see the woman’s phone, but she refused to give it up. She instead put it in her purse, and that’s exactly where Justin grabbed it out of.

The woman alleges that she tried to wrestle the phone away from Justin, but he kept ripping it away from her. However, Justin couldn’t get into the phone since it was locked, and he then “demanded” that she unlock the phone and show him any photos she took.

After all that the woman did unlock her phone and showed Justin that she had not taken any pictures. Justin then yelled at her:

You’re humiliating yourself in front of your daughter. Why don’t you just get out of here.

And that’s when the woman claims her 13-year-old daughter started crying.

A security guard for the complex stepped in at that point.

Watch a video from Justin’s night out below.