One Direction Member Harry Styles’ Starts A Strict Diet On Tour

May 15, 2014 • By

Harry Styles Tour Diet

A source has revealed that One Direction member Harry Styles is on a strict diet for 1D’s current tour. The source told the press:

Alongside the normal menus, Harry has put in his own special request of one sushi meal and five cups of green tea a day. His pal Nick Grimshaw initially got him into it. But the other boys are now betting money on when he’ll crack. They want none of the sushi and green tea and find it funny he’s asking their chefs to prepare what they consider girly food. They all eat together at the same table,
Which has the same powder blue and white spotty tablecloth and napkins in every city. It helps give them a sense of routine and homeliness. Harry is the most adventurous eater. He likes his Asian food and fish.

Harry Styles Diet

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