Austin Mahone Is Over Kendall Jenner!

May 19, 2014 • By

Austin Mahone Rihanna Crush

Back when Kendall Jenner was dating Harry Styles, Austin Mahone was seriously crushing on her! He spilled:

I think I’m gonna have to borrow Kanye’s private jet, fly her to Paris…and then have dinner on the tip-top of the—what do you call it—the Eiffel Tower! Have dinner on top of there and then…fly home.

Now Austin is crushing on someone else though! At the 2014 Billboard Music Awards the pop star revealed that if he could meet up with any celebrity it would be Rihanna. And not only that, he would be sure to ask her to dinner if he saw her!

Fingers crossed Austin gets his wish!

Rihanna Austin Mahone