Ariana Grande Heading To Florida For Family Issues – Her Grandfather Is Sick

May 20, 2014 • By

Ariana Grande Grandfather

Ariana Grande is performing on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” tonight, but then she is heading home to Florida to deal with some family issues. Ariana explained to her fans:

I unfortunately will be missing the Hollister House event due to some family issues… need to get home to grandpa… love u & sorry

and sorry for not tweeting too much my loves I’m just a little distracted & down cause of grandpa. need him to get better. love u always..

Ariana Grande Grandfather Sick

Ariana also added about working on her album in Florida:

Good news is we found a really dope studio in FL so I can go home to spend some time with him while I finish up the album! happy to go home.

We hope Ariana’s grandfather gets better soon!