Austin Mahone Chooses Selena Gomez Over Miley Cyrus

May 20, 2014 • By

Austin Mahone Selena Gomez

Austin Mahone had an interview recently, and was asked if he would rather date Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez! Austin reportedly answered “Selena” with zero hesitation!

Austin and Selena are friends, but Austin never wanted to ask her out because he didn’t want to upset Justin Bieber. Looks like that worked out for Austin since he recently recorded a track with Justin in the studio.

Miley Cyrus Austin Mahone

Austin has also met Miley Cyrus, but it looks like the sparks did not fly between the two.

Now Austin is dating Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello, and he has also revealed that he has a crush on Rihanna!