Taylor Swift Lucky 13 Brand Lawsuit

May 20, 2014 • By

Taylor Swift Lucky 13 Brand

Seriously? Taylor Swift is being sued by the owner of Lucky 13, a brand that sells clothing and accessories. The owner, Robert Kloetzly, has accused Taylor of putting the words “Lucky 13″ on her own clothing sold on her website, and he believes she is confusing consumers.

The Lucky 13 brand reportedly sells to a “young rock ‘n roll” demographic, and Robert believes Taylor “[likes] fast cars and dangerous men who drive them inappropriately,” and therefore is targeting HIS demographic with her t-shirts. He also described Taylor as someone with lots of tattoos.

Pretty sure Robert has never seen Taylor Swift, and is just searching for a way to get his brand in the press. As they say, any press is good press, but this sounds like a ridiculous way to get recognition.

Oh, and we shouldn’t forget, Robert believes that Taylor’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” music video could be confused as an advertisement for his company. Yup.