Taylor Swift Pushing Selena Gomez To Write Songs About Ex-Boyfriend Justin Bieber

May 21, 2014 • By

Taylor Swift Selena Gomez Songs About Justin Bieber

Taylor Swift is known for writing music about her relationships, and she is hoping to convince her on-again BFF Selena Gomez to do the same! Selena has been going back and forth with Justin Bieber for the past year, but it seems that the pair might officially be over for good.

Taylor wants Selena to put all of her feelings about Justin on paper, and create her next album out of her emotions! A source spilled to Life & Style:

Taylor’s been encouraging Selena to write down all of her feelings and emotions and record. Selena has already written a few slow, sad breakup songs, and she definitely discusses Kylie and being betrayed by her.

The source is talking about Kylie Jenner upsetting Selena by flirting with Justin right in front of her at Coachella! After that incident Selena stopped seeing Justin again and unfollowed everyone on Instagram!

We think it would definitely be interesting to hear music Selena had a hand in writing. Plus, fans would love a more in-depth look at Selena’s relationship with Justin and more details about their split.

It’s unclear if Selena still plans to release her new song and music video that Ryan Seacrest revealed would make fans think about her relationship with Justin. Or if Selena and Justin plan to release the song they recorded together, called “Unfamiliar.”

Now if only Selena would hit the recording studio with Taylor for a track!