Tiffany Thornton’s Mother-In-Law Took Her Away From Chris Carney After He “Went Crazy”

May 23, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Children Abduction

Tiffany Thornton’s husband Chris Carney filed paperwork with the LAPD this week claiming that the former “Sonny With A Chance” star had abducted their two young children – almost 2-year-old KJ and almost 3-month-old Bentley. Tiffany is currently in Texas with her family.

Tiffany has been away from home for 3 weeks, and Chris’ own mother reached out to TMZ to allege that Chris is an alcoholic. His mother revealed that Tiffany left California to protect her children.

Tiffany Thornton Mother In Law Abduction

Chris’ mom, Ruth Carney (the mayor of Hot Springs, Arkansas), told TMZ that Chris has a “big drinking problem,” recently went to rehab, and then relapsed and “went crazy.” Yikes! Plus, Ruth was in California helping with Chris and Tiffany’s newborn son and saw Chris’ behavior first-hand. In fact, she told Tiffany to leave the state with her.

Ruth told TMZ that Chris knows why Tiffany left, and knows she did not abduct their children. Tiffany has also been FaceTiming with Chris.

Chris is fighting back at his mother’s allegations, telling TMZ himself that his mom got upset when she saw a beer in the fridge, and that he only drinks in social situations. Chris told the LAPD that he believes Tiffany is suffering from postpartum depression, and that’s why she is listening to his mother over him.

Tiffany was wearing her wedding ring one week ago. It’s unclear if the police will force Tiffany to return to California with her children.

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