Chris Carney Says Tiffany Thornton Is Dead To Him After Abducting Their Children

May 24, 2014 • By Home

Tiffany Thornton Chris Carney Abduction Charges

Woah. Chris Carney told The Insider that his wife Tiffany Thornton is dead to him until she returns their children back to California and admits that “this is not her.”

Chris told the LAPD that his wife abducted their two young children, KJ (almost 2) and Bentley (almost 3 months), three weeks ago. He believes that Tiffany is suffering from postpartum depression.

Chris Carney Kids

However, Chris’ own mother told TMZ that she told Tiffany to leave with her when Chris “went crazy” after relapsing with alcohol after a trip to rehab back in 2011. She also told the press that Chris gets drunk and yells at his children.

Chris has denied any addiction, instead telling TMZ that he is a social drinker, and that his mother got upset when she saw a beer in his fridge.

Tiffany Thornton Kids

Chris told The Insider:

I want my kids back so much that I’m willing to put a felony charge on my wife. That sucks. That’s how bad I want them back…[Thornton] is dead to me…until she gets help and admits that this is not her. I don’t know this person.

Chris also added:

I’m not seeking any type of media attention, I’ve exhausted every resource to try to get her attention. I called her every day for the first week and said ‘I’ll do anything you want me to do, just come home’ and she ignored that. The second week [it] was ‘Just come home.’ The third week was ‘Just come home.’ Then I went dark…[and] had to go get legal involved because my rights were taken from me.

Tiffany has gone media silent. It’s unclear what the police plan to do.

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