Christina Grimmie Freaks Out Over Her Record Deal With Adam Levine

May 26, 2014 • By Home

Christina Grimmie Adam Levine Record Deal

Christina Grimmie just signed a record deal with Adam Levine after competing on “The Voice.” Christina flipped out about the record deal, via Facebook! Check it out:

“THANK YOU ADAM LEVIINNNEEE!!!!! For wanting to sign me to your label….because after 5 years on YouTube, not a single label out there would sign me.

And he has known me for only a couple months and would you look at that. Adam BELIEVES in me, as did my Team Grimmie all these years.

Also UHMM thank you to my managers BRIAN AND MANDYYY who believed in me for 4 years now, SERIOUSLY GUYS WE HAVE ARRIVED!!! It’s music makin time!!!!! This moment. RIGHT NOW..IS THWJEKALWOJEBRJELAKAHDJAKAJDHKAKDJDKAKA THANK YU JESUS!!!!!!!! SO BLESSED TONIGHT!!!!!”

Congratulations to Christina!

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