Justin Bieber Leaving Scooter Braun For Lil Wayne’s Young Money Cash Money?

May 26, 2014 • By Home

Justin Bieber Leaving Scooter Braun

We’ve been wondering for a while now if Justin Bieber planned to leave Scooter Braun and sign with another management team. Not only is Justin working on a new sound in the recording studio, he hasn’t been getting along very well with Scooter for a while.

Plus, Justin just hung out with Usher, and we’re wondering if the pair were having a discussion about Justin’s career and his future with both Usher and Scooter who teamed up to sign him 6 years ago.

Justin Bieber Usher

Also, it turns out Justin spoke with Lil Wayne in France this month about what Scooter had to say about his BFF Lil Twist. Turns out Scooter doesn’t like Lil Twist much, and Lil Wayne is furious.

In the video below, which has severely explicit language, Lil Wayne explains how upset he is with Scooter after what he heard from Justin. If Justin is telling Lil Wayne negative things about Scooter we have a feeling Justin is planning to leave Scooter.

What do you think?

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